Workshops & Courses

Life..just better!


Time to breakout of the rut? Move out of frustration, worry, fear and stress?

This course includes practical and immediately applicable strategies and techniques that can move you from;

  • fear into power
  • negativity to positivity
  • inertia to action
  • self doubt to self confidence
  • disempowering habits and patterns of limited thinking to ones that access your resourcefulness and capabilities


The benefits of this course also include;

  • greater self awareness
  • enhanced relationship with yourself and others
  • better health and vitality
  • greater motivation and purpose
  • sense of contentment and happiness

These are co-hosted with my partner Linda Allen (

They run as one day workshops or as morning/evening sessions over a period of four or six weeks.

This workshop has taught me a new way to look at my life with less stress and more structure. Derek and Linda have a fresh and fun approach towards teaching new skills and giving tools that helped me go forward The skills and strategies I learned were not overwhelming, they are totally do-able for everybody. By learning this different approach towards my life it has given me the ability to change so much. Its put the spark back into my life. It has given me hope and the knowledge that anything is possible.

-Mandy Beattie




“Linda and Derek’s understanding, knowing and awareness of life’s journey was so clear, awakening, and fun! The course was so well put together. I enjoyed every session. I still smile when I think of it.”

-Patricia Reville


Stress Resilience

We hold regular seminars, workshops and drop in clinics to build resilience to stress as well as reducing it. Delivering techniques that are applicable and practical in the workplace and life in general. These are informative, practical and immediately useable. The tone is upbeat and light.

Understand the psychology and physiology of stress and how this affects behaviour and performance and learn;

  • Stress reduction techniques physical and mental
  • Building stress resilience
  • Coping strategies
  • Accessing resourcefulness
  • Recognising stress triggers and how we do stress.
  • Regaining control and perspective.
  • Techniques for changing internal mental processes that create stress.
  • Finding optimal internal states. How to cultivate them and encourage them to become positive habits.
  • Developing awareness of habitual thinking processes. Encouraging successful thinking patterns for improved internal communication that is supportive, creative and solution focussed.
  • Better communication skills.
  • Identifying and accessing personal strengths and resourcefulness.
  • Building personal empowerment and confidence
  • Breathing techniques to mitigate the stress response and calm the nervous system.
  • Physical techniques and exercises to break stress patterns and restore physical and emotional energy and mental clarity
  • Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors- a holistic understanding and approach to reducing stress and building resilience.
  • Mindfulness/conscious awareness, relaxation & meditation.
  • Self prioritisation, appreciation and gratitude.

These are informative, practical and immediately useable.

The tone is upbeat and light.



“Thank you Derek and Linda for the terrific session you carried out for staff in the branch around wellbeing, the staff really enjoyed it and have been practicing the techniques given since. We really appreciate the time you spent with the team.”

Michelle Jordan, Bank Manager, Cellbridge



Look within to find the Truth


Soul searching, looking for deeper meaning and understanding? A way to connect more with your higher self, but not quite sure how to access that place? Asking questions like-“What is it all about?”

  • Group work involving meditation and learning to connect with deep inner guidance and knowing.
  • Accessing deep healing energies
  • Learning to interpret ‘Feeling ‘-the language of the soul.
  • Get insight into accessing intuition, inner guidance and wisdom
  • Tune into the body-our energetic barometer and ‘Centre’.
  • Build the relationship to our Divine selves and to learn to work consciously with this Energy, to access and utilise it for the betterment of oneself and others
  • Unlock limitation and realise our full potential
  • Learn to live less from the limitation of the egoic mind and more in flow and alignment of our ‘greater mind’
  • Live more consciously in the ‘Now’.
  • Work in alignment with Universal laws instead of struggle and stress.
  • Re-connect with humour, spontaneity and fun.
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled in life.



Profound, uplifting and insightful