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  • Overcome limiting and disabling back and neck pain that leaves you stiff, immobile and unable to do everyday tasks.
  • Muscular tension, strain and joint restriction that makes the simplest movements a painful ordeal.
  • Nagging injuries that leave you frustrated, irritated and worn out.
  • Tension headaches, fatigue, digestive disturbances and the other physical symptoms of stress that can debilitate you and leave you drained.
  • Return to ease, mobility, strength and renewed energy!



Back and neck pain, joint injuries, aches and pains, stiffness and restriction -at some point we all face them. Being able to do those ordinary, everyday things that become an ordeal- putting on socks in the morning, lifting or bending, getting in and out of the car, or just a restful nights sleep.. Not able to participate in sport fully, or play that round of golf without pain or the fear of it. Not able to play on the team or to go to the gym.


Sometimes we need help. I know injury and back pain. I have spent some years with both the physical pain and also the mental drain and frustration of it not being resolved. Thats what propelled me to spend the past twenty four years of study and practice in resolving peoples pain. I am interested primarily in what works and have studied many physical, mental/emotional, energetic approaches and modalities with that end in mind.(for details see about)


Using the best of these skills, knowledge and many years clinical experience, I help people put an end to their pain. Releasing tension, restoring ease and pain free movement again. Able to get back to normal again, Living their lives- physically and mentally free, mobile and strong again, happy and at their best!










  • Stress – its many guises of fear, worry, uncertainty, anxiety, anger, frustration, grief or depression.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, uncertain or stuck in a rut.
  • Nagging self doubt, low self-confidence.
  • Unmotivated, or feeling lost!
  • Struggling with feeling not good enough.
  • Disheartened at not living at our potential as our true self.
  • Unhappy or feeling unfulfilled in life.



Our minds and bodies are interconnected and these stresses can take their tolls on us physically showing up as pain, muscular tension, headaches, low energy and fatigue, digestive problems, low immunity and illness. We can suffer the mental anguish of feeling stuck, held back, frustrated and depressed.

Having struggled with some of the above, I have marvelled at how some people have had the resilience and skills to overcome and even thrive in the face of great challenge and adversity. I have come to discover that those mindsets, skills and habits that lead to personal freedom, success, happiness and fulfilment can be learned and cultivated by those of us who have suffered from the internal prison of anxiety, stress and low self-esteem.

Years of personal work and study, learning therapies, processes and strategies-physical, mental and spiritual (see about) have enabled me to help myself and coach others to become free of the invisible chains of our internal torment. I am passionate in helping break the hold of mental and emotional limitation, assisting people regain their confidence and self trust and access their personal power, resourcefulness and creativity. Encouraging them to reawaken and connect with their potential, apply and direct it, so their lives are enhanced physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Leading to a place of real personal power where we can we can live truly fulfilled lives, expressing our skills and talents, contributing to others, whilst joyfully fulfilling our own destiny.

I work coaching individuals and host meditation and healing groups. I also co-facilitate personal empowerment workshops and stress resilience courses with my partner Linda with the general public and in the corporate world.






The first time I attended Derek it was for a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine. I had seen an Orthopaedic Surgeon who recommended surgery and had spent 6 months on Physiotherapy and Osteopathic treatments. My spinal column was curved and out of alignment. After a few sessions with Derek I began to get some relief with the pain and discomfort and after a few more my back went back into alignment and I had complete relief.



I was always very happy on the outside but I always felt insecure, unworthy and I carried a sense of dread guilt and anxiety. I attend a few sessions with Derek, I was very sceptical at the start but the results were fantastic. I feel so much happier and more content, I’ve more confidence both socially and professionally and everyone has noticed the change. I would highly recommend Derek for anyone who wants to get the most of life.

Grace O’Sullivan