Live Better Coaching

Stuck in a rut, just going through the motions to get through the day?

Find you are struggling?

Frustrated, stressed, anxious?

Unmotivated, not feeling good enough?

Feeling powerless, a bit lost, soul searching, not fully yourself?


Processes, tools, techniques and strategies to guide you to uncovering your best self and enable you to live from that place consistently. Drawn from 25 years of training and personal work in Transformational Healing, NLP, a range of bodywork disciplines and Energy therapies.

Helping you

  • move out of mental/emotional pain and stress
  • manage anxiety, worry, frustration, stuckness, anger,
  • dealing with grief, disappointment, hurt, feeling low, overwhelmed.
  • Get out of the negative cycle of the mental rut
  • Let go of disempowering patterns of thinking
  • Break unproductive habits
  • Get clarity, find direction and purpose.
  • Tap into and activate your unique creativity, integrally aligned to your core values.
  • Learn strategies and problem solving solutions to get you closer to where you want to be.
  • Find renewed self-esteem
  • Develop confidence, resolve and resilience to successfully deal with stress.
  • Be authentically you living at your potential
  • Live consciously, being happy!
  • These coaching sessions can include dialogue, meditation, bodywork and movement. Sessions are tailored to individuals needs.

Things can get better – You can be better!

I was always very happy on the outside but I always felt insecure, unworthy and I carried a sense of dread guilt and anxiety. I attend a few sessions with Derek, I was very sceptical at the start but the results were fantastic. I feel so much¬†happier and more content, I’ve more confidence both socially and professionally and everyone has noticed the change. I would highly recommend Derek for anyone who wants to get the most of life.”


– Grace O’Sullivan,¬†Dublin