Physical Treatment

Get out of pain, tension, strain, restriction, immobility, fear and frustration.. 

Regain ease, freedom, mobility, energy, strength and confidence..


Applying 20 years of study, training, clinical experience and my own journey through back and joint pain. I have studied many therapies and modalities. Applying the best of what I have learned has yielded results and proven to be effective in a range of complaints such as back and neck pain including;

  • sciatica
  • spinal misalignment
  • trapped nerves
  • joint pain- from ankles, knees and hips to shoulders, wrist and elbows
  • muscle spasm, tension and strain
  • ligament sprains and injuries
  • fascial/connective tissue restrictions and tensions including viscera (organs of the body)
  • arthritis
  • digestive problems
  • low energy
  • headaches
  • whiplash
  • sports injuries
  • repetitive strain
  • pain from postural imbalances
  • stress and its symptoms
  • suitable for all ages -newborns to elderly
  • for women during and post pregnancy


What I do

In a session I employ the most effective treatment, based on best of my skill and knowledge from the healing modalities I have studied over the past twenty years. These include (Amatsu, Cranio-sacral therapy, Kinesiology, Remedial massage, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transformational Cellular Healing, Tai jutsu- martial arts philosophy and movement principles. These are powerful and effective therapies that restore balance and good health to the systems of the body;

  • treating and relieving pain and injuries working on the symptoms and the root causes.
  • addressing the issues of pain and restriction in the body that result from injuries and dysfunction
  • effective and comprehensive treatment that addresses the interconnectedness of the whole body and its interactive systems
  • Based on an ancient Japanese philosophy of healing and movement principles working alongside modern western holistic approaches.


Using a comprehensive integrated and gentle approach to restoring & managing vibrant structural health, I employ a range of assessment and corrective techniques including;

  • orthopaedic testing
  • kinesiology(muscle biofeedback testing),
  • observation of structural alignment and postural imbalances and adaptions
  • assessment of dynamics of movement for functional bias and compensatory mechanics
  • examination of spine and joints of the body for misalignments and possible deviations
  • palpation of muscles, fascia,ligaments for tensions and impaired function
  • appraisal and restoration of cranio-sacral balance and function
  • evaluation and restoration of energetic flow in the meridian system (electromagnetic energy flow)
  • gentle rebalancing of spinal, pelvic & cranial misalignments
  • fascial and connective tissue stretching
  • remedial massage
  • advice and recommendations on posture, movement and exercise




The first time I attended Derek it was for a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine. I had seen an Orthopaedic Surgeon who recommended surgery and had spent 6 months on Physiotherapy and Osteopathic treatments. My spinal column was curved and out of alignment. After a few sessions with Derek I began to get some relief with the pain and discomfort and after a few more my back went back into alignment and I had complete relief.