Stuck in a rut? 7 steps to a change for the better!

Get the power of unconscious mind on your side..Know the feeling? – like going round in circles, the mental and physical rut, one step forward and

one step back. The hamster wheel! It leads to worry, anxiety and stress. Here are some ways to help break the cycle;

1. The first thing is to get your focus onto what it is you want and off of what you don’t. Too often

we focus on the problem and it becomes an unconscious bad habit . Our mind then

automatically goes there too often, producing familiar negative thoughts and the

accompanying feelings. I have often lay in bed worrying about something which only creates

stress and then I cant sleep or have a restless night as a result. So instead-

2. Write down what it is you want to have happen. This simple act gives your powerful

unconscious mind a positive focus to work on. Think of the goal before going to sleep and

imagine it as if it had already been achieved it, or as if the challenge was resolved. It’s not

important to know how we’ve got there. Get to enjoy the feeling of relief, or joy or pride in

having overcome the obstacle successfully and gotten the desired result. This will drive our

sub-conscious mind to fill in the details of the ‘how’, whilst you sleep. Think of it like of typing a

question into our own massive search engine. Then let it do the work and let it fill in the details

as to how to get there.

3. Put your goal or outcome on a post-it note and put it in different places -the bathroom mirror,

the dash of the car, the bedside locker. This will create triggers for your conscious and

unconscious mind. For added encouragement one client of mine put his medal for completing a

marathon on his mirror to remind him of an example of how he was focussed and persevered

in the past. This reinforced his faith and self-belief that he could meet and win again with his

current challenge.

4. Be specific- If we say for example “I want to be slimmer”- to the sub-conscious mind having lost

ten grammes fulfils the criteria.We need to be specific. The subconscious mind responds to


5. Start small. Give this a go with something that is not so big initially. For example in a money

situation, if we wish for a million euros and we currently are earning 20 thousand a year – the

mind is not going to be fully engaged because it is perceived as too big a leap or stretch. In

this instance make it 25 thousand. Build it in small realistic increments also. Your confidence

and belief will grow incrementally as you see results.

6. Make it a habit.It’s said habits are replaced not gotten rid of. The sub-conscious doesn’t take us

serious if we do it only once in a while. But if we are consistent it will wake up and pay attention

and get to work diligently for us. Do something daily so that it becomes an automatic ritual.

7. Make sure to give incremental rewards along the way to encourage progress. Think of having

your own coach inside supporting you with positive affirming messages. Remember once again

past successes, resourcefulness and strengths.

Remember things can get better, you can be better!

Please feel free to contact me if I can help further!

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